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Remember, when it comes to your medical imaging, you can choose your provider. American Medical Imaging provides the most affordable, flexible and comfortable option. Typical insurance deductibles are on the rise, American Medical Imaging offers the lowest out of pocket expense to its patients.

Do you have a high medical insurance deductible?
Need an inexpensive option for your MRI?

American Medical Imaging is categorized and regulated as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility. As such, we are an Outpatient Imaging Center dedicated exclusively to providing high quality diagnostic imaging at an affordable cost. We are independent of any hospital or physician practice. Because of this we maintain a policy of healthcare cost containment as evidenced by our pricing. Without the overhead of expensive ancillary services or departments, we can, and do, pass along the savings to patients.

Patients are learning that they have choices for their healthcare expenditures. As they learn of options, they add value to the discussion they have with their doctor on which choice is best for their situation. Healthcare providers often agree with the choices patients have made when they have taken the time to research the options for a recommended procedure and learn that there may be a wide range of prices. A high quality, low-cost option such as the Open MRI alternative at American Medical Imaging provides the exact same procedure with the same or better result at a much more affordable price to the patient.

To contain healthcare expenses, employers negotiate plans with higher out-of-pocket deductibles for employees. As these out-of-pocket costs increase consumers are being compelled to shop for inexpensive healthcare options when they need a procedure.

With efforts to reduce the impact of expensive claims such as that of MRI scans, Insurance companies are recommending that their subscribers shop for lower cost options for healthcare procedures. Some companies will employ third party shopping services such as Compass Smartshopper, SaveOn™ or TandemCare that will research, compare and recommend low-cost options from which to choose. These companies may provide …

 … financial incentives when members make the lower cost choice.

American Medical Imaging, as alternative to the high cost imaging options that exist, provide insurance companies and these shopping services, along with self-pay patients that have high deductibles or no insurance coverage, with a low-cost, high quality Open MRI choice.

As an independent provider of diagnostic imaging, our committed focus is on catering to the most comfortable imaging experience for patients. Our independence allows us to choose to be more flexible in appointment scheduling or to offer payment financing as needed for patients. We are the only independent outpatient imaging center in the greater Seacoast area of New Hampshire and are committed to providing the highest quality imaging as the most affordable price with the best patient experience.

“I chose AMI because of the incentive I got from Compass Smartshopper and my doctor’s recommendation.” —George K. (Recent patient at AMI)
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