“The place is extremely clean … I like that. I like the Open machine concept as opposed to being in that little confined tube …”

—Alan B.

“A good experience for anyone who is claustrophobic!”

—Matthew C.

“When you come in, you know, you are nervous and they made me feel very much at ease. I cannot fit comfortably in the tube type [MRI] … the Open concept, it worked perfectly!”

—Alfred G.

“I am claustrophobic and there is a real problem. It was easy [Open MRI scan] … and I appreciate it!”

—Terry H.

“There is a big difference over the other one [closed tube] … I could not do the other one. This one here is a lot easier.”

—Donald H.

“Having been given a number of choices, I opted for the Open MRI … I am very happy that I did.”

—Kelly M.

“I have had a lot of MRIs and this was one of the best.”

—Roy M.

“This place is amazing! I have had two other MRIs and this is the best I have ever had.”

—Margaret M.

“My insurance company turned me on to this place. If you are claustrophobic at all … check this place out. If you have a high deductible like me, this place is a lot easier on the wallet.”

—Tom O.

“The guys here are easy to work with. I came down and just had a very good experience.”

—Michael W.

“It was a great option for me [Open MRI] … I would definitely come back. The equipment [closed tube] is a little too small for me. [Here] you are not in a little tube … or even in a bigger tube …”

—Mike Z.

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