Flexible Appointment Scheduling

American Medical Imaging exists to cater to the patients we serve including our effort to accommodate the schedules that we know are busy. We work with you to offer appointments when you want them!

Would you rather not take a day off work or school to get your MRI scan?

Done! We will schedule you before or after work!

Don’t want to take your child out of school to get their needed MRI procedure?

Done! We can schedule their appointment after classes or even on the weekend!

Have you taken a day off work to see your doctor only to find that he/she is recommending that you get an MRI?

We may be able to offer you an appointment on the same day and avoid taking another day off!


“I couldn’t believe that I could walk into a doctors office and an hour later be having an MRI!” —Margaret M. (Actual quote from recent patient)

Save your valuable time … and money!
at American Medical Imaging!

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