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The Experience behind American Medical Imaging


We are a division of American Health Centers, a leading regional provider of state-of-the-art technology health care services (MRI scans, CT scans, and Nuclear Medicine scans) to hospitals and healthcare providers throughout Northern New England since 1987. We know medical imaging and how to make it work better for the comfort and convenience of patients and their healthcare providers.

Greater Convenience for all

We created our outpatient medical imaging center with patient convenience and scheduling flexibility in mind. Our highly trained staff schedule imaging appointments around the needs of the patient and provider, offering same day and evening appointments along with weekend availability for those working or in school. Patients lose less time from work or school and providers receive results a lot sooner.

The Low Cost MRI Option for patients that are shopping for value.

We have years of experience providing the equipment and scanning service for clients on a wholesale leasing basis. This experience has allowed us to refine our service and develop expertise in providing the very best MRI scanning experience that can be found. Yet with all of the experience, we had no way to address one of the biggest and growing concerns of the patients – the COST!

Until NOW!

Now, with the development of a free standing, independent MRI imaging center, we can control costs and offer fair, low cost, affordable pricing for MRI scans. We negotiate directly with insurance companies and pass on the savings to the patients. Patients with high deductibles or no insurance that now are paying out of pocket for more of their healthcare costs now have a reason to shop for low cost MRIs. Brain MRI scans, Knee MRI scans or MRI scans of the back that typically cost thousands of dollars are a fraction of the cost. It pays to shop for competitive MRI pricing at AMI.

If you can’t get in elsewhere, chances are that we can get you an appointment right away!




Be assured of friendly, empathetic and compassionate care … and save money on your MRI scan!
… at American Medical Imaging.

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